Time Zone Mosques

The Prophet (may the blessings and peace of Allaah be upon Him) said, “Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allaah, Allaah will build for him a house in paradise” (Al Bukhari & Muslim).

Introduction and Objectives

The concept of Time Zone Mosques (TZM) came about by a thought that so many pioneers in Islam would be getting constant reward by Allaah. For example, at any given point in time, people are reading the authentic Ahadeeth of Imam Al Bukhari (RH) around the world in many different languages and he will be constantly getting reward for this.

So the idea came for building mosques (based on the Quran and Sunnah) on each of the 24 hour International Time Zones, being utilised for the 5 daily prayers, whilst assisting the community as well, such as providing a clean water well for the local community to use. From this, we hope to attain constant reward from Allaah.

The five individuals behind the project come from a Management, Financial, Islamic and Medical background, with formal education in these fields.

TZM is working in partnership with Invitation to Islam.


TZM is an initiative which aims to fulfil the need of Muslim communities around the world which are in need of a masjid.


Its vision is the establishment of Mosques, in every needed place of the world, across the 24 hour International Time Zones.


The core idea is to “find a need and fill a need”, in terms of building of needed mosques, for Muslim communities.


These mosques are intended to be effectively utilised by the Muslim Communities, that reside in these areas.

Core Strategy

1. Establish all mosques on correct Islamic belief, following only the Qur'an and Sunnah, in areas where there is an extreme need for a mosque.

2. Ensure that Imaams with formal Islamic Education and trustworthy, good character lead the prayers and assist with educating the local population with correct Islamic Knowledge and call people to Islam with the best conduct.


3. Utilise all funds efficiently for these projects and have zero administration costs.


4. An average of $ 20,000 is the approximate cost of each project.

Project Management

When a project is to be initiated, several parameters are taken into consideration, which include; the size of the Muslim community (minimum 400 – 500), the cost analysis (average USD 20, 000), distance to the nearest mosque from that population, as well as a feasibility study of daily “care taking” by the community.


Moreover, an Imaam is also chosen by TZM, with the consultation of the community seniors and elders. The Imaam is selected on the basis of having good character and formal Islamic Education.


The Mosques are being used for:

  • Establishing the five daily prayers, as well as Jumuah Prayer/ Janazah Prayers

  • Teaching the Quran to adults and children

  • Conducting lectures and sermons by the Imaam, for the community

  • Water well, for use by Muslims and Non Muslims

  • Dawah to Non-Muslims in the vicinity


Since TZM began, approximately 40 projects have been completed. Mosques are being utilised over many continents, including projects in Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, India, Niger, Kenya, Ghana, Belgium, England and Mexico, to name a few. Thousands of people have accepted Islam and many Muslims have begun to pray 5 times a day through these mosques. Furthermore, communities have been helped with clean drinking water wells (built right next to the mosque), correct Islamic teaching, etc. from these projects.


By Allaah’s mercy alone, we plan to have done at least 500 mosques in total by 2030 CE.

We have an abundant demand and much potential for these mosque projects from all around the world.

According to the latest research, there is a need for 51 mosques in the Africa Region and 30 mosques from other parts of the world.

We pray that till the Day of Judgement, every mosque will be a medium of Sadaqa Jaariyah (continuous reward) from Allaah, and will be used for the 5 Daily Prayers, Quran Education, Islamic Sermons and Dawah to Non Muslims.

Inviting to Islam and building communities.

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