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The Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “He who calls others to follow guidance will have a reward equal to the reward of those who follow him, without their reward being diminished in any respect on that account” (Muslim)

Invitation To Islam uses multiple means to invite people to Islam, including the following:

Invitation Caravan

The Invitation  Caravan involves a group of people going to different locations, such as small towns, villages, across West Africa to invite people to Islam.

  • The villages are often in remote areas, where very few people would travel to, due to the potential dangers during the journey such as unsafe roads, dangerous animals (such as pythons and scorpions) and highway robbers.

  • Due to the difficult terrain, some locations can only be reached from major cities with motorbikes and others with 4×4 transportation.

  • Invitation To Islam has teams in different countries.

  • Monthly Caravans: Regular, which last from 1 to several days, take place a few times a month.

  • Annual Caravan: This is usually a larger scale caravan over a period of months, covering many locations and involving many people.

  • What do we do? We invite them to Tahweed (To worship the one true God)

You can support the invitation caravans, with your generous donations helping with transportation, medication and essential needs of the those travelling as well as for the villages that are visited.

Sponsoring Teachers

The teachers are the primary individuals involved in the invitation work, and dedicate their lives towards spreading the message of Islam. As well as working as part of the invitation caravans, they also teach those that accept Islam, how best to practice their newly adopted way of life. The monthly teacher sponsorship is used to support the teachers and their families with their basic needs, whilst they are working on Invitation to Islam projects.

You can sponsor a teacher for £75 a month.

Travel – Motorbikes

Motorbikes form an essential part of the work of Invitation To Islam. Due to the difficult terrain of the vast majority of villages that are visited, the time taken to reach a village is greatly reduced when motorbikes are used, This allows for more villages to be visited and a greater number of people reached.

The cost of a motorbike is £1,000.

Inviting to Islam and building communities.


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